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Cochrane Statistical Methods Group

Statistical issues are a core aspect of much of the work of the Cochrane Collaboration. The Statistical Methods Group (SMG) is a forum where all statistical issues related to the work of the Cochrane Collaboration are discussed. The SMG has a broad scope which covers issues relating to statistical methods, training, software, and research, together with attempting to ensure that adequate statistical and technical support is available to review groups.

New group co-ordinator

We welcome Orestis Efthimiou [oremiou@gmail.com] in his new position as a group co-ordinator since October 2013.

Meeting of the SMG - 23 September 2013

Minutes (pdf)


Elie Akl and Shanil Ebrahim: Addressing missing trial participant data in Cochrane systematic  reviews: Update on a Methods Innovation Fund Project (pdf)
Argie Veroniki: Estimating the heterogeneity variance and inference on the meta-analysis summary effect (pdf)
Marialena Trivella: New statistical methods in RevMan 6 (A few slides): Marialena asks urgently for volunteers to help with the statistical coding for the new RevMan items. If you feel able and willing to help, please write to [mtrivella@cochrane.org].


Cochrane Methods Symposium - 24 September 2013

Data, Outcomes, Uncertainty and Graphs: Advances and Limitations in Trials, Meta-Analysis, and Novelties

The Cochrane Methods Symposium celebrated Professor Doug Altman’s twenty years as convenor of the Statistical Methods Group, and took place amidst the 20th anniversary celebrations of The Cochrane Collaboration in Quebec. The slides of the talks on topics about statistics, bias and transparency of research are available at: http://methods.cochrane.org/node/56

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